Miami New Times 05-05-2016 : Page 22 YOU ARE IN DANGER OF BEING FINANCIALLY ATTACKED AND DEPRIVED OF ALL OF YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS BY FLORIDA GUARDIANSHIP / PROBATE JUDGES, ATTORNEYS AND THE “PROFESSIONAL” GUARDIANS THEY PROTECT IN ILLEGITIMATE, CORRUPT GUARDIANSHIP COURT PROCEEDINGS DESIGNED TO FINANCIALLY DEFRAUD YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALL OF YOUR ASSETS AS THEY ISOLATE AND ABUSE YOUR LOVED ONES MARCO RUBIO, BILL NELSON PAM BONDI, RICK SCOTT, PRESIDENT OBAMA, JAMES COMEY WE HAVE DESPERATELY SOUGHT YOUR INTERVENTION FOR YEARS TO SAVE AND PROTECT OUR FAMILIES BUT YOU HAVE MISERABLY FAILED TO PROTECT US LORETTA LYNCH, U.S. DEPARTMENTOF JUSTICE, WE DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE APPOINTMENT OF FEDERAL MONITORS TO PROVIDE OVERSIGHT ON THESE FLORIDA COURTS TO HONESTLY INVESTIGATE AND ULTIMATELY PROSECUTE THE GUARDIANS, JUDGES AND ATTORNEYS WHO RUN THIS VILE RACKET MR. DONALD TRUMP, SECRETARY CLINTON, SENATOR CRUZ, WE CHALLENGE YOUR PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS TO SHINE A NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT ON THIS ABJECT ABUSE OF U.S. CITIZENS AND FAMILIES Florida is home to over 4.5 million retirees and baby boomers who seek a sunny place to spend their golden years. But, even as the flow of seniors in the “Silver Tsunami” increases, retiring to Florida as well as other “retirement States” has become a nightmare as the wealth accumulated by honest, law abiding, hard working Americans is being systematically extorted in thousands of fraudulent guardian and probate proceedings every year. This devious scheme mercilessly deprives retirees of their assets inheritances and constitutional rights with racketeering lawyers, judges, guardians and complicit state agencies. Probate/Guardianship Courts all across the State are used to financially exploit, isolate and often physically abuse elderly adults with assets while family members who object and expose these crimes publically are viciously retaliated against and isolated from their loved ones. And there is no reason to expect that anything will change without Federal intervention. Billions of dollars have been extorted from our loved ones in this inconceivable crime that is hidden in secrecy in the Courts using sequestered files, “Inside Clubhouse” Lawyers, massive billing fraud, persons taken into Guardianship with no due process and blatant unchecked conflicts of interest and unfit, complicit Judges. Before another victim falls into the abyss of these court based predators, we urge you to learn more. Call 855-913-5337 or go to FLORIDA RESIDENTS BEWARE!!! | music | cafe | film | art | stage | Night+Day | metro | riptiDe | Letters | coNteNts | Featuring 60 Internationally Acclaimed Orchid Growers and Lectures from around the World and the U.S. “America’s Favorite Orchid Festival” May 13-15, 2016 | 9am -5pm Admission $10.00 REDLAND FRUIT & SPICE PARK 24801 S.W. 187th Avenue, Homestead, Florida 33031 Presented by REDLAND ORCHID FESTIVALS, INC. For more info call 305-755-7848 or visit MiaMi New TiMes M ay 5-M ay 11, 2016 oBies! e h T o T s T e Tick Win a Pair of f TickeTs To shion shoW avid TuTera! fa & s T e k ic T d of ga ed By Win a 4 Pack g exPerience” PresenT in d d e “your W aT ner for TWo nT! a Win a $150 din r u a anish resT BellmonT sP ning o vance scree g! d a n a o T s e s in Win Pas : sororiTy ris neighBors 2 22

Redland International Orchid Festival

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