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N MIAMI ® EDIT ORIAL EDITOR Chuck Strouse MANAGING EDITOR Tim Elfrink MUSIC EDITOR Ryan Pfeffer ASSOCIATE WEB EDITOR Jose D. Duran FOOD EDITOR Laine Doss STAFF WRITERS Jessica Lipscomb, Jessica Weiss EDITORIAL OPERATIONS MANAGER Nadine DeMarco ARTS AND CULTURE EDITOR Carolina del Busto CLUB LISTINGS EDITOR Melissa Guzman DIGITAL REPORTER Kyle Munzenrieder THEATER CRITIC John Thomason CONTRIBUTORS Francisco Alvarado, Juan Barquin, Kat Bein, Luther Campbell, Zachary Fagenson, Hans Morgenstern, Valeria Nekhim Lease, Hannah Sentenac, Carlos Suarez De Jesus PROOFREADER Tomi Curtis ART DIRECTOR Miche Ratto ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR Kristin Björnsen ▼ Contents VOL. 31 | NO. 7 | MAY 5–11, 2016 | Contents | Letters | riptide | Metro | Night+day | stage | art | FiLM | CaFe | MusiC | | CONTENTS | LETTERS | RIPTIDE | METRO | NIGHT+DAY | STAGE | ART | FILM | CAFE | MUSIC | ART PRODUCTION MANAGER Mike Lugo ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGER Jorge Sesin ADVERTISING ART DIRECTOR Andrea Cruz ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Don Farrell ONLINE SUPPORT MANAGER Ryan Garcia MARKETING DIRECTOR Jennifer G. Nealon EVENT DIRECTOR CarlaChristina Thompson MARKETING COORDINATOR Kristin Ramos SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Sarah Abrahams, PRODUCTION AD VERTISING Jeremy Boyd, Jamie Flynn, Peter Heumann, Kristi Kinard-Dunstan, Katherine Kunhardt-Rozner ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Stephen Nuñez, Mario Pineda, Shannon Rodriguez, Jasmany Santana, Mariu Saralegui, Gabrielle Winchester SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Patrick Butters, CLA S SIFIED Ladyane Lopez, Joel Valez-Stokes CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Richard Lynch CIRCULA TION BUSINES S GENERAL MANAGER Russell A. Breiter ACCOUNTING MANAGER Jeff Stewart CREDIT MANAGER Moses A. Betancourt JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT James Marquez DESKTOP SUPPORT ANALYST Michael Singh PUBLISHER Adam Simon Photo by Tabatha Mudra Cover Story ▼ Voice Media Group EXECUTIVE EDITOR Christine Brennan EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE EDITOR Andy Van De Voorde EDITORIAL DIGITAL DIRECTOR Kelsey Whipple DIGITAL DESIGN DIRECTOR Darrick Rainey EDITORIAL DESIGN DIRECTOR Tom Carlson CORPORATE CONTROLLER Beth Cook NATIONAL CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Curt Sanders LEGAL COUNSEL Steve Suskin CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Jeff Mars CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Scott Tobias Jamie Katz, Pet Detective BY JESS SWANSON | This private investigator tracks down South Florida’s missing dogs, cats, and even parrots. PAGE 11 EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF DIGITAL OPERATIONS Gerard Goroski PRODUCT DIRECTOR James Hamilton IT DIRECTOR Dave Marcon OPERATIONS MANAGER Brian Heimert INFRASTRUCTURE ARCHITECT David Fearn DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS SYSTEMS Lee-ann Dunton INFORMA TION TE CHNOL OG Y 5 6 8 17 20 23 27 35 Photo by Jessica Weiss EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF DIGITAL SALES Stuart Folb DIGITAL OPERATIONS MANAGER Tiffany Kelly WEB SUPPORT MANAGER Michael Uchtman NATIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST Jenna Corday NEW MEDIA NA TIONAL AD VERTISING, 888-278-9866 SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Sue Belair SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES OPERATIONS Joe Larkin VMG Advertising Night & Day Art Film Cafe Music Luke’s Gospel ............................ 8 Inbox Riptide Metro MiaMi New TiMes MIAMI NEW TIMES Taste Test ................................. 28 Crossfade ................................. 36 Live Wire.................................. 38 Concerts ..................................40 Clubs ........................................ 42 FOR RETAIL ADVERTISING: 305-571-7699 FOR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: 305-573-9090 NEW TIMES BROWARD•PALM BEACH INFO: 954-342-7700 FOR NATIONAL ADVERTISING INFORMATION: 888-278-9866 46 Classified Real Estate 47 Classified Employment DIS TRIBUTION New Times is available free of charge, limited to one copy per reader. 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